April 27, 2017

Fork Found Episode #33 - Exploiting Haptic Feedback

Join us for a sleep deprived, tangent filled hour or so of tangent goodness!  It's Exploitation week on Fork Found!  If you're playing the home game, you'll want to watch Hobo With A Shotgun (2011.  Starring Rutger Hauer) and Black Dynamite (2009.  Starring Michael Jai White).  More details below.  

No Hat Draw on this episode folks!  Next week...  May The 4th be with you??? NOOOO FORKER!!! May the FORKS be with you!!!  Get ready for our Star Wars Takeover by checking out Rogue One (2016) and, if you can find it, The Star Wars Christmas Special (1978).


Hobo With a Shotgun:


A homeless vigilante blows away crooked cops, pedophile Santas, and other scumbags with his trusty pump-action shotgun.

Director:Jason Hobo

Writer:John Davies

Stars:Rutger Hauer, Pasha tangent, Robb Wells



Black Dynamite:


Black Dynamite is the greatest African-American action star of the 1970s. When his only brother is killed by The Man it's up to him to find justice.


Scott Sanders


Michael Jai White (screenplay), Byron Minns (screenplay) | 3 more credits »

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