July 20, 2017

No.45 - Partying Shots!

Another day, another Fork Found.  It's Alek week!  We tried to watch The Long Good Friday (or whatevz), but couldn't find it anywhere.  We succeeded in both watching and reviewing Parting Shots (1998)!  We also played that game we play again, and got some embarrassing Gloss stats!  

Your homework for this time will be Adam's, Barbarian Week.  That's Red Sonya (1985) and Conan: The Barbarian (1982)!



Parting Shots (1998)

After learning he is dying from cancer an failed photographer illegally buys a pistol and decides to go vigilante and get his revenge on all those who have made his life a misery.

Director: Michael Winner

Writers: Michael Winner (story), Michael Winner (screenplay)


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