June 23, 2017

No.41 - Extraterrestrial Fleshlight

Aaah the rare, yet beautiful, Adam Week.  See how it grazes on the fresh, dew covered movies.  It's time to do a little dance and kick a little ass. This week we drop knowlege on two martial arts classics that are all about dat bass.  We got your Only The Strong (1993, starring Mark Dacascos) and we got your The Last Dragon (1985, starring Taimak).  Also, find out what the fuck this title is all about.  As we talk about someone besides Josh's mastubatory habits.  

Speaking of masturbation!  Next week is Matt's Jonny Depp week.  We're going to talk about Cry Baby and Once Upon A Time In Mexico!


Only the Strong (1993

Ex-Special Forces soldier Louis Stevens returns to Miami to find his former high school overrun by drugs and violence. A master of the Brazilian martial art, capoeira, Stevens pledges to straighten out a dozen of the school's worst students by teaching them this demanding and highly-disciplined fighting style. Slowly, his program begins to work, giving the students new hope and purpose. But the local drug lord, himself a martial arts expert, vows to stop Stevens' positive influence. Now Stevens must fight to save his own life, as well as the lives of his rebellious young students.

Director: Sheldon Lettich

Stars: Mark DacascosStacey TravisGeoffrey Lewis


 The Last Dragon (1985)

In New York City, a young man searches for the "master" to obtain the final level of martial arts mastery known as the glow. Along the way, he must fight a martial arts expert corrupted with power, and rescue a beautiful singer from an obsessed music promoter.


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