It's Phillip K. Dick week on Fork Found! That gets ya Blade Runner (1982), and A Scanner Darkly (2006). We also welcome Matt back to the podcast, after his week off, and butcher attempts at a russian accent.  

Naslazhdaysya Predstavleniyem!

(hopefully that says "enjoy the show")



We're throwin' a forkball this week on Fork Found!  Two baseball themed movies from our childhoods! Join us for our thoughts on Major League 2 (1994), and everybodies favorite movie (or there will be consequences) The Sandlot (1993). 


The wind up... AND THE LINKS!!!



It's Christian Slater week on Fork Found! This time we discuss the finer points of Heathers (1988) and Pump Up The Volume (1990).  We also weigh in for the Weight GLoss Challenge, and Josh breaks you off with another shout out! 


For you:



Hello, Forkers! This weeks theme is Blind Heroes! Join us for our reviews of Daredevil (2003), and Blind Fury (1989).  


Check it: (they be trippin')

If you want to join The Weight GLoss challenge, you can wigh in with us each week on IG



May the Forks be with you!